IMG_3275A few weeks ago my husband and I went to a killer Chinese restaurant and ate a meal I haven’t been able to stop thinking about since. Aside from the perfect hot & sour soup and best fried rice, they had a luxuriously creamy mango sorbet for dessert.

Usually when the only gluten-free option for dessert is sorbet, you end up surrounded by people eating things filled with chocolate and butter (and gluten…), anxiously trying to convince yourself a small cup of sorbet is just as good as a death-by-chocolate cake. Speaking of which, I’ve never understood the term “death-by-chocolate”. Chocolate is a life-giving, joyful thing! I suppose now this term has new meaning to me. Eating a Matilda-like slice of chocolate cake really would result in a death-like experience for me.


Back to the sorbet! This particular sorbet was smooth, creamy, and had the slight taste of coconut. Coconut and mango go so well together! So I decided to make a granita out of the 2 in at home.

Granitas are a fun dessert to make as the weather gets warmer. They are great for parties and taste like a fancy slushy! Granitas are also very simple to make and just require a bit of babysitting in the beginning. You scrape the ice crystals a couple times to keep the granita light a fluffy during the first few hours it’s freezing.

I love that this particular granita is creamy, rather than just icy. It is still a light and healthy dessert, but tastes like an indulgence! Plus it is dairy-free, grain-free, egg-free, and refined-sugar-free. So pretty much anyone, no matter what their dietary needs may be, can eat this! I loved it topped with coconut milk whipped cream and fresh mango slices!




We made this salad this weekend with young butter lettuce that we thinned from our garden! I live in San Diego, and one of my favorite things about southern California is being able to garden year-round. We mostly grew  heartier vegetables like kale, cabbage, and collards in in our winter garden. But luckily even though butter lettuce is typically a spring vegetable, it grows well in San Diego year-round. When spring time rolls around, my taste buds are always calling for something light and refreshing. This salad is just that!

I have recently discovered how much I love radishes, especially in salads. They haven’t always been an ingredient I think of, so I’ve loved rediscovering them. Since they are slightly spicy, they pair nicely with the sweet and crisp fennel in this salad! You can also add mushrooms for a little bit of a savory flavor, but they are optional (at least at our house because my husband isn’t a huge raw mushroom fan!). This salad is tossed in a simple lemon vinaigrette. Another one of my favorites for spring!