I hope you’re all having a great pre-Thanksgiving week! Hopefully your gluten-free Thanksgiving planning is going well. We are in San Diego visiting family! Here’s what’s on our menu:

Turkey & Gravy, of course. (I use Pioneer Woman’s brine recipe. We might use some of the Trader Joe’s gravy (it’s gluten-free!), in addition to the pan drippings gravy.)

Mashed Potatoes (No recipe, just made by feel.)

Sweet Potato Casserole (My favorite!)

Cranberry Marshmallow Pomegranate Salad  (Tied for my favorite!)

Gluten-Free Stuffing (See my instagram/facebook post for how I doctor up Trader Joe’s boxed GF stuffing. I love making things from scratch, but the croutons in this mix make much better stuffing than any gluten-free bread I’ve used.)

Gluten-Free Pull-Apart Rolls (Insert heart-eyed emoicon)

For green salad – this recipe or this recipe


Brussel Sprouts (Thinking shaved with balsamic vinegar…)

Non gluten-free items: include stuffing by my mother-in-law, buttermilk rolls by my sister-in-law, and green bean casserole by my sister-in-law.

For dessert we’re doing a pumpkin, apple sour cream, and chocolate pie!

If you’re looking for another festive, gluten-free dessert besides pie, this is your answer! This gingerbread smells like the holidays and is perfectly moist (said it.), or “perfectly hydrated” if you’re opposed to the word moist. I tried this recipe a couple times before nailing it. It is gingerbread perfection.

This would be great alongside a delicious egg dish for a holiday breakfast. Or as a snack when you want to fill your home with the flavors and smells of the holidays! Here’s a hint – serve quintessential holiday dessert with whipped cream and bananas (trust me on this one). It’s kind of life-changing!




If you’re undecided about kale salads or decided they aren’t for you, this salad will change all of that. Speaking as someone who didn’t grow up eating kale salads, this one has me totally converted. I crave it! There are a few things I’ve learned to make kale salads delicious.

  1. Buying the right kind of kale: I very much prefer lacinato or Italian kale over the curly stuff.
  2. How you cut the kale: Removing the ribs and, very very thinly slicing the kale makes all the difference.
  3. The kind of dressing you use: A lemon or citrus dressing works best.
  4. How you prepare the kale: Massage it!

Check out the photo I created