IMG_8685The first time I had a pumpkin whoopie pie I remember thinking it was the best “thing” I had ever eaten. Not just the best pumpkin baked good or dessert, but the most delicious creation possible. Cream cheese frosting and pumpkin were made for each other. I often use dairy-free cream cheese and vegan butter in the filling to keep these dairy-free.

Making whoopie pies gluten-free was a little tricky. My first attempts resulted in a crumbly cake-y cookie that disintegrated when the filling was added. No thank you! (Although the disintegrated cookies still tasted delicious…) I ended up adding a chia seed slurry and almond butter to give these cookies the cake-y structure I was looking for. The cookies don’t taste like almond butter thanks to the pumpkin pie spice and pumpkin. The resulting cookie is lightly spiced and holds up beautifully with the lucious cream cheese filling.

Making pumpkin whoopie pies is definitely on my fall traditions list. Along with caramel corn, cornbread & chili, and spiced apple cider. They need to be made at least once each year, if not more. If you have never had a whoopie pie, they’re sure to become one of your favorite fall treats as well!




Skillet supers make my heart sing! Here are the facts about this 1-pan wonder.

Ready in 30 minutes.

Minimal clean-up.

Flavorful and satisfying.

Healthy and real.

Made from pantry staples.


And did I mention delicious?

I’m not sure more needs to be said about this dinner! My Mom used to make a similar dish with brown rice growing up. I swapped out the brown rice for quinoa and changed up a few ingredients. I’ve got nothing against brown rice, it takes so dang long to cook. I love quinoa because it cooks fast, making this meal come together in no time.