These month in review posts are quickly becoming my favorite posts to write. They are the posts where I don’t worry about perfect pictures and can talk real life!

Like how this happy face lasted all of 20 minutes in the beginning of our road trip to Escalante, UT. My husband’s family used to own a ranch in Escalante that they sold when he was 12. Now their friends own it and it’s a bed and breakfast! We went down for a long weekend with his parents. 20160414_154806

The ranch sits on a property where they’ve found a lot of Indian paintings and artifacts. One night an archaeology professor from the University of Utah gave a talk to a group at the lodge about an ancient strain of potatoes that they’ve rediscovered and are trying to bring back. So fascinating! #nerdalert


This face! It should be a emoicon of it’s own.


IMG_1709Sometimes you need a warm, gooey chocolate chip cookie.

And sometimes (all the time for me…) you need that cookie to be gluten-free!

And you don’t want that cookie to wipe out your kitchen with flour and dishes.
Not to mention your grocery budget tracking down a ton of weird ingredients.

These cookies are the cookies you need! 1 bowl. 1 flour. And beyond delicious.

These buckwheat chocolate chip cookies are perfect to make on Friday night to munch on while catching up on your favorite shows. Or the perfect thing to make while your kids’ friends are over and you want to make a treat. Or when it’s Sunday night and making cookies is the perfect way to bite the weekend-ending-blues.  There are so many times in life that call for delicious chocolate chip cookies and this recipe won’t let you down!


These cookies only require one ingredient for the flour – buckwheat groats ground into flour in the blender. I put together my first ever cooking video to show you how easy it is. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on You Tube for more videos!