If you eat gluten-free and miss donuts, these delectable little breakfast puffs are for you! They might just be my favorite new breakfast thing ever. They taste like little donuts (but much easier to make than donuts!) rolled in brown butter and cinnamon sugar. Brown butter makes everything exponentially more delicious. I like making these breakfast puffs in a mini muffin pan so you get more coating and brown butter in every bite.

I use brown butter for rolling these breakfast puffs after they’re done baking, but use coconut oil in the puff batter. Coconut oil works well with gluten-free cake-like baked goods because it┬ámakes a nice light texture. Butter solids can sometimes make the crumb of gluten-free cakes get gummy. The good news if you have to eat dairy-free, just swap out the browned butter for vegan butter and these are totally dairy-free!

My 4-year-old loves helping me roll these in the butter and cinnamon sugar.  These are best right out the oven and make the perfect special breakfast treat!




I have tried A LOT of gluten-free bread recipes over the years. I can confidently say this is the best gluten-free sandwich bread I’ve ever made or eaten.

It has the perfect texture (not crumbly at all!), delicious flavor (think flaxseed with a touch of honey), is way more nutritious than store-bought gluten-free bread (thank you almond flour and pysillum husk powder), and best of all tastes amazing NOT toasted!

So many gluten-free breads have to be toasted to be edible. This bread is not only delicious without toasting the first day, but also good for 2 days after it’s baked. That is saying a lot for gluten-free baked goods that usually have a very short shelf-life. However, if toasting is still your thing, this bread is absolutely delicious toasted, it’s just not a requirement.