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One of my favorite parts of Thanksgiving is the part before the big dinner. I love hanging around the kitchen, cooking, and talking to family while sipping holiday punch and snacking on a delicious cheese platter. This year I’ll be making this delicious dairy-free cheese ball so everyone can still enjoy that tradition!

Growing up, my Mom’s traditional cheese ball always made an appearance on the cheese platter. A few months ago I tried making dairy-free cream cheese out of cashews and it turned out fabulous. I knew as soon as I tasted it, a dairy-free cashew cheese ball was in my Thanksgiving future.

cheeseballMaking homemade cashew cream cheese might sound like a challenge, but it’s actually really easy! It does require a 24-hour resting period, so be sure to plan in advance when making this for a party. The good news is I’m always looking for things to make-ahead on Thanksgiving. This cheese ball can be made well in advance so it’s waiting in the fridge for your guests on the big day.

These are the basic steps for this cheese ball:

1. Soak the cashews for 8-24 hours.

2. Blend the cashews with lemon juice and cider vinegar until very smooth.

3. Wrap in cheese cloth and hang over a jar to drain out excess liquid for 24 hours.

4. Mix the “cheese” with spices, herbs and flavorings, roll in pecans, enjoy!

The cheese ball is savory, creamy, and totally satisfying. Cheese can be a hard thing to replace if you eat dairy-free, and this appetizer will leave your taste buds exceptionally happy! It is delicious on a platter with your favorite gluten-free crackers, olives, cold cuts, pickles, etc.


My very favorite thing to eat this cheese ball with is cubes of Bread SRSLY gluten-free sourdough bread. I can honestly say this bread is the best gluten-free bread I’ve ever tasted! It is made using the traditional sourdough process and each loaf rises using a sourdough starter (no yeast) for at least 12 hours. This makes a deliciously flavorful and tummy-friendly loaf of bread. Bread SRSLY bread is also virtually allergy-free and contains no dairy, eggs, yeast, or nuts. This makes it great for so many people who have multiple food allergies!

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A pumpkin roll has long been one of my very favorite holiday treats! Something about the moist, spiced cake wrapped around velvety cream cheese frosting is totally irresistible. Everyone always goes crazy for a pumpkin roll! They definitely have that wow factor when it comes to a special dessert. Despite looking fancy, this pumpkin roll isn’t at all hard to make.

I thought making a gluten-free pumpkin roll would be difficult given the reputation most gluten-free baked goods have. Since some gluten-free baked goods tend to crumble easily, the feat of wrapping into a concentric ring while remaining intact seemed impossible! Then I remembered most pumpkin roll recipes on rely on a small amount of flour to begin with.

IMG_5699While creating this, I was inspired by the combination of flours in my pumpkin chocolate chip bread. Instead of using potato starch like in the quick bread, I use arrowroot powder since it has natural elastic properties. It works perfectly to give the cake the needed binding without the addition of xanthan gum. Unlike many of my recipes, I use real organic sugar in this recipe. I usually like baking with less refined sugar, but this pumpkin roll calls for the real-deal. The end result is a pumpkin roll that tastes as amazing as any you’ll ever try!

I can’t wait to make this pumpkin roll for Thanksgiving when my family comes in town! It is a dessert both gluten-free and gluten-eaters alike will love. You can also see the notes in the recipe on how to make the filling dairy-free. I’ve made it with dairy-free cream cheese with excellent results.