German Chocolate Cake is the birthday cake of choice at my house! My family made it all the time growing up. Now my husband requests it for his birthdays as well. A few weeks ago, I made  this cake again for a family member’s birthday. I made it easy on myself and used a gluten-free chocolate box cake mix. Some box mixes are so good, you’d never know they’re gluten-free. I love making things from scratch, but sometimes it’s nice to have a faster option. Plus the 2 frostings are completely from scratch!

The chocolate pecan filling is what makes this cake so deliciously special. My Mom always made it with canned evaporated milk growing up. I switched the evaporated milk out for canned coconut milk and it worked great! I can tolerate butter (no casein or lactose) so I left that as is. Feel free to swap in Earth Balance Buttery Sticks if you need to keep this strictly dairy-free. The sides are frosted with a classic chocolate buttercream that’s made a little special with a dash of almond extract. On a day-to-day basis, I don’t eat refined sugar, so I buy organic powdered sugar special for this cake. This cake is definitely rich, but I think it’s worth it to indulge occasionally with the real deal!




I made this pretzel chicken on a whim earlier this week when I didn’t feel like going to the grocery store.  I had frozen chicken, gluten-free pretzels leftover from a road trip, the ingredients for rice pilaf, and some frozen vegetables. It turned out to be a fabulous dinner! This pretzel chicken was so delicious, my husband requested it join our regular meal rotation. My 3-year-old also loved it!

I haven’t been impressed with gluten-free bread crumbs and have just avoided breaded chicken up to this point in eating gluten-free. Gluten-free pretzels aren’t something I buy often, but they sure are delicious when I do! I think they taste even better than regular pretzels. For the chicken, I first dredge it in some seasoned gluten-free flour. Then it is dipped in beaten egg (substitute milk of your choice for egg-free) followed by the crushed pretzels. This makes for a extra crunchy and flavorful coating. Just bake the chicken for 8 minutes on each side and serve with your favorite dipping sauce. These make for an easy and delicious weeknight dinner the whole family will love!